Girls Toys vs Boys Toys

pile of various toys and figurines

We all have our different parenting styles. No one is right or wrong. We all do what fits for our family. But on some days it’s hard to not question your decisions.

That’s exactly how I feel today. I wonder if I am helping or hindering my daughter when it comes to playtime.

My daughter has three younger brothers, which means our home is filled with three times the normal amount of planes, train tracks and racing cars. But instead of getting upset when she steps on a stray piece for the Buzzlight Year Lego set, my daughter plays with them.

Sure, I have bought her friendship bracelet kits, American Girl dolls and Hello Kitty puzzles, but without fail she’s all about the toys her brothers play with. And since that makes her happy, I have decided I am not going to fight with her to have a tea party with me and her dolls.Last Spring we drove to the Midwest to visit family and spent many meals during that 10-hour road trip ordering at drive-through windows. Every time we were asked “boy’s toy or girl’s toy?” she asked to have the same toy as her brothers.

Was I wrong in not telling her she had to get the Polly Pocket toy instead of the Spongebob Square-pants toy? I don’t think so. One thing I do know is she was pretty happy playing with that alien toy for the rest of the car ride.

What do you do when your preschooler girl asks for a toy made for boys – or vice versa? How about if your little boy only wants to play with dolls?  Leave me a comment. And check out the Preschool blog community topic set up about Boy’s Toys and Girl’s Toys. I can’t wait to read your thoughts!