Giuliana Is Not Giving Her Kid a “Hollywood Name”

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 'Two Lovers' Premiere

If you’ve spent any time reading about celebrity baby names online, you’ve probably heard some version of the following refrain, echoed by Giuliana Rancic in a recent interview: “People in Hollywood name their kids the craziest things.”  Celebrities as diverse as Snooki, Selma Blair, Paul Stanley, and J.R. Martinez have all recently vowed not to give their kids “Hollywood names.”

That got us thinking: Has anyone ever said the opposite? Has a celebrity ever said, “Everyone get ready, we’re giving our kid a totally Hollywood name”?

What IS a Hollywood name? As far as we can tell, one thing it might be is a random list of absurd non-proper nouns. Here’s what two Hollywood parents have said about that:

Giuliana Rancic:  “It won’t be anything like Stereo System or Flag.” (Giuliana’s baby is due in August, so we’ll have to check to see if she keeps her word.)

J.R. Martinez: “We won’t name her Apple Cider or Salami.” He then names his daughter Lauryn Anabelle Ham-Sandwich Martinez. (Just kidding.)

So, which celeb babies are people thinking of when they sound off on “Hollywood names”? If you take the random nouns as a hint, one possibility is  Pilot Inspektor, Jason Lee’s son. What explanation did he give for the unusual name’s origin? Not “we wanted to give bloggers something to talk about,” but rather that they were inspired by a Grandaddy song, “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot.”

As for Apple (sans Cider) Martin, another much-blogged celeb baby name, mom Gwyneth Paltrow attributes the name to dad Chris Martin’s imagination and seems amused at the reaction — “People did talk about Apple a lot! But what kind of world would it be if everyone named their kids simple, classic names like Emily or John? What would keep us name nerds inspired? To those Hollywood-namers we say, keep ‘em coming.

What do you think is the quintessential example of a “Hollywood name?” Tell us about it in the comments.