Grandma Showers: Necessity or No-No?

A baby shower is a rite of passage for many mamas-to-be.  Apparently these days, grandmothers are getting in on the action too. That’s right.G In case you didn’t know “Grandma Showers” are a hot new trend in 2014. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Since more grandparents are getting taking on a bigger role when it comes to taking care of the kids, many are finding it necessary to have their own set of gear. What better way to get what you need than to have your own shower, right?

But, not everyone is ready to swaddle grandma with gifts. Apparently some grandmas are throwing their showers before the mamas-to-be and even inviting the same people! So, some women are finding themselves in a bit of a baby blunder. They feel obligated to go to both showers and give two different gifts. If that isn’t bad enough, what if there are two grandmas in the picture and they both decide to throw themselves a shower and invite some of the same people? O-M-G!

I totally understand the need for grandparents to have their own set of gear, but what’s wrong with going to a consignment shop or accepting a hand-me-down? Does grandma really need to have a shower and steal mommy’s thunder? If the mom gets doubles (because we all know it happens even when there’s a registry) then maybe gram could snatch up some extra items — just sayin’!

Call me crazy, but I think this trend is a bit on the tacky side. But, if you should find yourself invited to a grandma shower, what could you bring? Here are some ideas:

  1. Bottles & Pacifiers– We always seem to forget them and there are just never enough lying around no matter how hard you try
  2. Onesies– Babies spit up and poop like machines! Need I say more?
  3. Diapers & Wipes-They are always in demand and never go bad!
  4. Activity Mat or Educational Toys-Keeping little ones entertained is not always easy, sometimes we all need a little extra help!
  5. Car Seat– If you’re feeling extra generous or want to chip in with a few people, this is a great idea because having an extra is so much easier than taking a seat in and out of the car everyday!

Have you ever been invited to a grandma shower? If so, what did you bring?