Great Etsy Finds for Preschoolers

Word Handmade and colorful yarn background

I have an addiction… in addition to my clementine addiction that is – raise your hand if you practically devour the entire crate as soon as you bring it home from the supermarket.

I am truly addicted to shopping on Etsy.

Of course, we know Etsy as the marketplace showcasing shops of beautiful homemade decor and pretty jewelry and accessories, but moms of preschoolers should also be scouring Etsy. I have picked up many fun things for my 4-year-old while doing a little Etsy shopping for myself. (It made me feel less guilty, of course!)

Here are 6 Etsy finds I really like for preschool kids. I apologize in advance for the workout your credit card is going to have, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share — or encourage exercise during the month of January.

Apron Smock

For all the times my son has wanted to help me in the kitchen. This smock is perfect for the kitchen spills and splatters he creates when he’s trying to help, and whatever other sticky messes he can get on his clothing when working with paint and Play-doh. It has pockets for paintbrushes, crayons and whatever else he wants to tote around.

Shop: Elizabeth Jane Designs

Felt Math Book

The story ideas are endless with this soft book that features pages with pictures counting up to the number 5, and various shapes. I know my son’s imagination would run wild if I asked why there are 5 fish in the water on that page.

Shop: Ema’s Decorations

Owl Preschooler Backpack

Not having to carry a diaper bag anymore means the kids can carry their own toys and treasures. This backpack is the perfect size for a preschool kid. And they’ll feel great packing and unpacking it with their favorite things to carry when away from home.

SHOP: SafiSana

Rainbow Nap Mat

When naptime at the preschool happened, I always made sure my sons’ nap mats and blankets stood out so they were easy to find in the laundry – and when it was time to take them home at the end of the week to launder. This mat is fun. Rainbow geometric shapes on one side and denim on the other.

Shop: SewnNatural 

Five Little Monkeys

Some of the best songs for preschoolers are also books that can be read at bedtime. My son has fun with this rhyme, and now even more Five Little Monkeys fun can be had with these felt characters.

Shop: Coco Loco’s Felt Design

Do you shop on Etsy?