Guide to Picking the Perfect Diaper Bag

bag for mom to keep baby accessories isolated on white background

Gone are the days of sporting the runway’s latest handbag or a quick clutch that fits only the essentials. As a parent, your most trusted companion is the diaper bag. You won’t be able to leave the house without it. It holds all the items you think you need (and all of the others that are “just in case”).

But picking out a bag is no easy feat. A great shoulder bag is durable, roomy and the right price, among other things. Here’s what to look for when shopping for the perfect diaper bag for you and your family.


When it comes to diaper bags, roominess is just about everything. Your tote will do you absolutely no good if you can’t fit all the things you need into it. When you’re browsing for a bag, look for something that has compartments inside. As a parent, you’re going to need plenty of different supplies – from diapers to bottles to pacifiers. The last thing you want is for everything to get mixed up. Even worse, no one likes putting his or her hand into a bag and having to keep rummaging around until finally finding an item. With more compartments, you’ll be more organized and less stressed, too.

But storage doesn’t begin and end with the inside of the bag; you have to look at what is available on the outside, as well. Does your bag have an outside pocket for bottles or sippy cups? Easy-to-reach holders are essential for a mom or dad who is always on the go. Be sure to look through the entire bag before purchasing to see if it is a good fit for you and your lifestyle.


An enormous diaper bag will do you no good if it breaks easily. No matter how much or little you plan on carrying it around every day,you’re going to need something that will hold up over time. Quality is extremely important. After all, this bag might not see the prettiest of situations.

If it comes down to cost, it’s best to spend a little extra money on the more durable bag. If you buy the less expensive one and it breaks, you’re only going to have to buy another anyway.

Ease of use

As a parent, you may feel like you’re constantly moving, so you’re going to want a diaper bag that is easy to pick up and put down, a tote you can get easy access to. Zippers and flaps that require both hands to undo are simply not going to suffice: Odds are, you’re going to have a baby in one hand. Closures are also important. Here are some of the most common closures:


This material is a little noisy (read: It can wake your baby), but it’s very easy to use. However, it also wears out, so if you’re looking for a bag to hold up over time, this is not the closure you want.


This closure is what most bags use because it seals tightly and keeps your items safely inside.


Magnetic closures tend to not stay closed if your bag is full. Stay away from this particular style.

Remember, this bag might not only be filled with your baby’s things but your own as well. Try to look for bags that will lighten your load with features like cell  phone holders, attachable wallets and key clips.


You’re going to want a bag that you can hold comfortably. Because everyone’s bodies are different, there may be a certain style that works best with your everyday life. There are traditionally four options to choose from:


Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Care to throw it back to your school days with a bag that lays on your back?  This style is becoming increasingly popular for moms and dads, because it can take the strain off shoulders. However, be sure to remember that as a parent, your back may not be as resilient as it was when you were in high school. A long day of carrying a heavy bag could potentially do some damage to your health down the road.


Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Plus Matching Baby Changing Pad

The tote is similar to a traditional handbag purse. This style is very easy to hold. However, if you opt for this fit, be sure to see if the handle fits over your shoulder – this will be necessary for those times when your hands get tired from holding it, or you’re trying to juggle several different items (and a baby) at once.


Urban Sumo Messenger Diaper Bag & Backpack By Okiedog

The messenger bag lays a little bit differently than the others. It sits across the body – usually with the bag portion by the hip. It can be very comfortable while standing but quite difficult to walk with.


#1 Diaper Bag by Auben

This handbag comes with attachments that allow it to sit comfortably on the back of your stroller. However, as of late, this style is not recommended, because the weight of the bag can make your stroller tip over. If you still want this model, be sure to hold it or put it safely in the undercarriage when you’re using your stroller.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag, don’t forget about style. There are plenty of different stores that sell patterns and materials that may fit perfectly in with your personality and lifestyle. If you like something, go for it. After all, you will be wearing this on a day-to-day basis. Get the best of both worlds with something adorable and practical – all in one.

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