Gwen Stefani Expecting Third Child at 43!

Gwen Stefani

I just read that rockin’ mom Gwen Stefani, 43, is reportedly expecting her third child with her hot fellow-rocker husband, Gavin Rossdale. So exciting! Wait, Gwen Stefani is 43?!

Damn, Gwen looks GOOD. I thought she was in her late 30s, MAYBE just 40. And as with most things Gwen does, pregnancy after 40 would be awesome. Although it’s entirely possible to get pregnant and have a healthy baby well into your 40s (hello, Halle Berry!), it’s not as common, and often not as easy, as getting pregnant in your 20s and 30s.

Hopefully she gives new hope to women who are struggling to get pregnant and those who are maybe late to the game in getting started.

But seriously, can we focus on what matters here? Gwen looks GORGEOUS. How does she do that? She needs to publish the book on how to stay young and fabulous because she certainly wrote it.