Hand-Me-Downs. Reasons Why They Are Awesome

Why do baby clothes have to be so cute and expensive? It’s tough when you go through clothes so fast when they are babies. It seems like they take a day to outgrow outfits and honestly, who can afford to get new stuff?

The solution is hand-me-down clothes. No, not from older siblings, though that is one way. Getting hand-me-downs from local friends can make a huge difference in your baby budget. Plus you’d be doing them a favor by eliminating their baby clothes clutter.

But what if you don’t have friends who had babies? Their are communities and forums (like in Mom365) that you can join to meet other moms in your area. There are also online sites like Swap Baby Goods which allows parents to post items they don’t need anymore, such as clothing, to other local parents.

Here’s a picture of their girl’s clothing page:

Notice that some items come at a cost and some are free. The site works with parents to swap items out. You post an item that you no longer need and another local parent can contact you to see if you want to swap it for one of their items. It’s not just clothing either, it’s all kinds of neat stuff that you could use and not have to pay for.

Hand me downs are a godsend to most parents. They are good for the environment and great for the pocketbook.

Have you had great experiences with hand me downs or swapping baby clothings/ items outwith others?