Has the Name ‘Maxwell’ Gone to the Girls?

Actress Lindsay Sloane attends the film premiere of "The In Laws"

The actress — who is best known for her roles in TV’s Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Weeds, as well as movies including Bring It On and Horrible Bosses — welcomed her first child with her husband, talent agent Dar Rollins, on Jan. 19. Maxwell Lue Rollins is the new addition who the couple call their “sweet little girl.”

The boys’ names “going girl” trend has been heating up in recent years. We’ve seen Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane welcome Billie, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell choose Charlie, and Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen go with Sam, to name a few. Maxwell is a little more surprising than some of the others, but when you think of its feminine counterparts Maxine and Maxie, as well the nickname Max for girls, it doesn’t sound that unusual.

Plus, it didn’t seem like Lindsay was hoping for a super girly-girl, flowery, frilly baby name anyway. Soon after the actress found out she was having a girl, she was asked whether she’d be dressing her little one in pink. She answered: “Eh, I don’t think so. She’ll embrace blue if need be!”

Lindsay might have fallen for Maxwell when she scored her gig on HBO’s Weeds, where her character is Maxeen. The show also has another Max, a boy, so it’s a popular name on the set. And while Maxwell, a common surname, has never been on the Social Security Administration’s popular names list as a female name, for males it has actually been at its most popular over the past two decades. It hasn’t cracked the Top 100 baby name list just yet, but it’s currently No. 134 and seems to be holding steady.

Other celebrities who’ve given the name Maxwell in recent years are Lance Armstrong and The Bachelorette‘s Trista and Ryan Sutter — in both cases for boys. In pop culture, we think of Maxwell Smart from TV’s Get Smart, the Beatles song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and of course the smooth-as-silk sounding R&B singer Maxwell. In the 2009 movie Orphan, there was a little girl named Max.

As for baby Maxwell Rollins’ middle name – Lue – it’s a different take on the traditional Lou. Soon-to-be exes Heidi Klum and Seal’s youngest daughter is Lou Sulola Samuel and Keri Russell just welcomed Willa Lou Deary. As a middle name, Lou (Lue and Lu) – a name that fell of the charts completely in the early 1970s –  seems to be getting more play recently. Plus, Lue paired with Maxwell gives the name a feminine touch.

What are you thoughts on “boy names” for girls? Are there any that you really love? Any that you really dislike? And what do you think of Maxwell Lue? Let’s talk about it below.