Healthy Baby born to the tune of $1Million dollars

Sometimes it pays to read the fine print, especially if travelling while pregnant is involved.

One Austrialian couple thought they had their insurance policy straightened out including taking out extra coverage. However, when Rachel Evans’ went into labor and gave birth while on vacation, They got two things: a healthy baby and a bill of $1,000,000

Apparently, Evans’ premature birth landed her baby into the pre-natal ward for three months at a rate of $8000 a day. But the insurance company was willing to allow payments of $300.00. At that rate, it would take approximately 280 years to pay it off.

In the article, it states that Austrailian Foreign Ministry could be offering financial help upon further investigation of the insurance’s policy.

Despite this possiblity, the couple is grateful for a healthy baby and aren’t swayed by the costs.  Here’s the video.

Do you think it’s fair for a government to get involved with such a matter?