Hear Kate Middleton Speak for the First Time

Maybe you think I’m being facetious, but consider: Have you ever actually heard Kate Middleton speak, aside from a scattered sound bite here or there over the past few years? Yep, thought so. In honor of Children’s Hospice Week, the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge stars in her first-ever video broadcast extolling the UK charity Together for Short Lives.

Is it silly to say that Kate’s posh accent brings to mind another favorite British celebrity Emma Watson? She sounds both just like I imagined, and not at all like what I thought. Her voice is surprisingly deep, but the heartfelt sentiments match Kate’s commitment to care for children. She spent her second wedding anniversary (April 29th) visiting children’s hospices, where she received flowers and thanks for her time.

In the video, Kate applauds the “simply transformational” efforts of children’s hospices to make easier the short lives for these kids and their families. “Children’s hospices provide lifelines to families at a time of unimaginable pain,” Kate says. “The support they give is vital.” But of course, they need the financial support of UK citizens as well as anyone who watches this video.

Although Kate has volunteered her time at hospices for several years, you can imagine that now that she’s carrying the Royal Baby, she’s even more appreciative of the work these hospices do. Becoming a mother, she recognizes how easily a child’s life can change and be ended far too early. It’s a difficult prospect for any woman in this delicate state to face, but kudos to her for acknowledging that the people beyond Buckingham Palace’s walls often suffer tragedy.

Seeing Kate on video also reminds moms that she’s not just a silent, smiling princess carrying the heir to the throne. Despite the world watching Kate’s pregnancy with bated breath, this video is a way to briefly unite her with the other moms who have come before her.