Heidi Montag To Have an ‘Aura Baby’ with Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag

Not a day goes by that a celebrity isn’t announcing her pregnancy, giving birth or flaunting a growing baby bump. The baby boom in Hollywood can be a challenge for celebrities who want to be the center of attention—how can you compete for magazine coverage with a regular baby?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, former stars of The Hills and regular reality TV staples, have found the answer to this new Hollywood dilemma: The Aura Baby.

Confused? Well, you probably should be. It seems the concept of an Aura Baby is the brain child of the two reality stars (sort of like their non-existent new gig, SpeidiShow, which they admitted to being a hoax; Heidi Montag summed up the idea on Twitter: “An Aura Baby is a product of the soul born out of the bio-chemistry of the Universe!”


To clarify further, Heidi dropped this bit of information: “An Aura Baby isn’t the child of your fame, not YOUR Aura and NOT Aura like when they say a painting has an Aura….an Aura Baby is born of 1 thing – the love of 2 people channeled & focused to go out to the whole world!” Luckily, Heidi won’t have to go through the pain of “childbirth” or the agony of losing baby weight while being in the public eye; she said Spencer Pratt would be the one to carry the Aura Baby to full term.

It seems Aura Baby is just as real as the SpeidiShow, but what better couple to bring this new expression of love  and devotion to Hollywood but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? After all, the couple is known best for off-the-wall moments both on The Hills and off. An Aura Baby is the perfect addition for a guy who was once addicted to healing crystals. Let’s wish Heidi and Spencer the best of luck on the conception of their Aura Baby—and breathe a sigh of relief that they don’t have a real baby on the way!

Photo via Instagram.