Helping Parents Capture the Moments With Their Kids

picture of boy laying on couch

Learning to take better pics of your babe means you’ll capture more of those magic moments, perfectly

Are you a new mom looking for photography tips so you can better capture the moment with your beautiful new baby?

There’s so much to learn when you first become a mom–it is both exhilarating and exhausting, beautiful and overwhelming. In your postpartum haze of physical recovery, round-the-clock feedings, visitors, gifts, diapers, and laundry it can be hard to catch a moment to take a breath, let alone learn a new skill like photography!

And yet, you know (or maybe you don’t yet but will!) how fleeting this time is. The hours and days may seem long but the months and years go fast, I promise! You know you want to capture not just the milestones but the every day moments to share with friends and family now, and to look back at with your children in years to come.

I’m Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, founder and owner of Photosanity. I’m a family photographer and photography coach for parents and my mission is to help parents more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children’s lives through photography. I help expectant and new parents as well as parents of young kids who love photographing their children but are frustrated with the results. They want to learn how to take better photos and get a handle on organizing, editing and sharing too.

As a mom to two boys, Liam (four and a half) and Jack (eighteen months) I am all too familiar with the realities of being a busy parent. I draw on my experience as both a mom and a professional family photographer to give you simple tips and strategies that you can apply right away, even if you are sleep deprived and barely functioning!
I’ve helped over 500 parents not just take better photos but find more joy through photography. Many Photosanity parents tell me I changed their life by helping them more fully experience as well as capture the moment, finding a new creative passion for themselves that brings them closer to and benefits their family in the process.

When you’ve had a hard day, a photo of a favorite moment can give you the lift you need and remind you of how much you have to appreciate.

And when things are going well and you want to bottle it up for later – a photo is the perfect way to do so!

boy stretching hands out to towards the camera

Photosanity is not about becoming a professional photographer but about learning how to use your camera to bring you closer to your kids and more into the moment.

I’m thrilled to be blogging twice weekly here at Mom365 so please join me for baby photography tips, camera and app recommendations, suggestions on outfits, locations and posing, product reviews, resource suggestions, ideas on photo organization, photo display, and photo gifts and more!

To get started, I invite you to sign up for my FREE video lesson with my top 5 tips on taking better photos of your kids.