High-Tech Baby Bottle

Slow-Control Baby Bottles

Do we really need a “smart” baby bottle?

It seems the baby technology trend is on the rise for 2015. 4Moms Mamaroo came out with a new high-tech swing and Summer Infant has a new monitor that can be controlled by an app on your phone.

Now, the French company Slow Control is releasing a new bottle holder called Baby GiGL which keeps track of how much and how fast your baby is drinking. Also synched with an app, it will give you feedback on how to properly hold the bottle so that baby does not receive too much air and alerts you if there are clumps. If you’re a working parent, you can receive this data on your phone while you are away.

Personally, when I had my baby, I didn’t find it that difficult to monitor how much he was drinking. The measurements are listed right on the bottle, and I know how to read a clock. For $100, I can probably think of better ways to spend my money. But I do remember those early days can get kind of blurry and hazy while you’re operating on little sleep. I can understand it may be difficult to write everything down every time, so it may make things easier on an exhausted mama.

What do you think? Would you buy this bottle? Do you find it useful? Or overkill?