Honey, It’s Time!

The wait is almost over! Duchess Kate has arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital in London to have the royal baby!

You know how when you have a baby your whole family arrives at the hospital with flowers and balloons and tears and smiles? It’s so happy, exciting, and maybe a little overwhelming… Well, imagine what it’s like to have the entire world awaiting the birth of your baby?

I. Just. Can’t. I wonder how Kate is doing? She always seems cool and collected so I bet she’s taking it all in stride, but all this hoopla is kind of crazy. However, it’s got to be cool (surreal?) for her to realize that her baby’s birth is the biggest story in the world right now. I’m just thrilled that it’s something HAPPY! When the news is almost always depressing and scary, it’s nice to have something fun to focus on. Will it be a boy or a girl? What will they name him or her? Who will the baby look like? When will we get to see pictures? So many questions!

Here’s what we know right now:
• Kate and Wills arrived at St. Mary’s early this morning — and somehow managed to make it to the hospital unnoticed!
• Kate will be delivering in the Lindo Wing, the same place where Prince Charles and both Princes William and Harry were born.
• The Queen will find out about the baby’s arrival before anyone else (I guess that’s fair…). A royal aide will drive from the hospital to the palace with an official bulletin. The bulletin will then be posted on an easel outside the palace. This is how the palace announced the birth of Prince Charles in 1948 and Prince William back in 1982. Gotta love tradition! But of course an official tweet will go out at that point as well.
• It could take hours. It’s been said that Kate was in the early stages of labor when she arrived at St. Mary’s, and we all know that means it could take a while. Here’s hoping it’s quick!
• The name could also take a while. William’s name wasn’t announced for a week and apparently Prince Charles’ name was kept secret for a month! I really hope they don’t make us wait that long!