How Do You Bond with Your Unborn Baby?

pregnant woman

As some friends and I sat around yesterday and watched my belly shift and shake under the influence of my nearly full-term, due-in-30-days-OMG baby, one of them asked if I was doing anything special to “communicate” with my son while he was still in utero.

Did I talk to him? Sing him songs? Play him music through headphones pressed against my stomach?

I confessed that mostly what I do is… well, I poke at him. He’s an extremely active baby, and it seems like whenever I sit quietly and put my feet up, he announces his presence with a series of serious rocks and rolls. Poor thing is probably wondering why it’s getting so crowded in there and if I’m ever going to let him out.  (Soon, son. Soon.)

Some of his movements can get a little painful, but mostly I love feeling his wiggles – so much so that I like to encourage them. When he jabs a foot out, I give it a little tap with my fingertip. When he sticks his butt up, I pat and rub, pat and rub. If I haven’t felt anything from him in a while, I gently press on my belly until I get a little shift or shimmy response.

We all bond with our babies in different ways. Some of us prefer this sort of direct talking/singing/poking communication, and others focus more on imagining life with their new addition by making him or her clothes, buying toys and nursery décor, and scrapbooking or journaling about the pregnancy.

I do a little of all of that – especially in the third trimester, when my belly is a constant reminder of the baby’s imminent arrival – and I consider it all important mental and emotional preparation for the huge change that is welcoming a new member into the family.

What about you? How do you bond with your unborn baby? Does the rest of your family get into the act too?