How Kate Middleton is Prepping for Labor

With the royal baby due any day now, we’re all wondering how Duchess Kate is feeling about her impending labor and delivery. Well, I am at least. Apparently, the Duchess has been prepping with yoga. Smart girl.

Prenatal yoga is an excellent activity for expectant moms. It’s a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy and prepare the mind and body for birth. Yoga does wonders for strengthening muscles, improving balance, and increasing circulation. Even better, the ancient practice can help moms relax, regulate their breathing, and focus – all very helpful during labor.

Kate is reportedly practicing with a private yoga instructor. It’s likely they’ve been focusing on poses that strengthen and stretch the back, spine, and pelvis. Somebeneficial poses for moms-to-be include downward dog, cat, and yoga squats. This video demonstrates some restorative poses — that the princess may already be doing! — and moms can easily do at home without the hassle of getting to and paying for classes.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also said to be very nervous about the birth (understandable — especially with all that added pressure!) and wants to do it naturally, with little medical intervention, if possible. She is supposedly even considering hypnobirthing, a philosophy centered around childbirth education that includes relaxation and visualization techniques so mom can essentially hypnotize herself during the big event. The idea is to keep stress to a minimum. That sounds good to me!

It seems like Kate is doing everything she can to prepare herself for what is arguably the most anticpated birth in history! I wish her all the best, however she winds up doing it. Now, if she’d just hurry up already!

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