How To Announce Your Pregnancy Like Beyoncé

Announce your pregnancy in the most fabulous way possible: by emulating Beyoncé.

Oh, Queen Bey. Practically any move she makes causes the internet to come to a standstill. Her Instagram posts break one record after another, as evidenced this past February when her pregnancy announcement garnered the most likes in the platform’s history.

Yet for all her fame, fortune and exposure, Beyoncé’s private life is just that: almost completely private. No one knew about her pregnancy before she announced it, meaning there were no paparazzi following her and no one from her team leaked the information. Plus, once the news was finally announced, Bey’s personal life remained under wraps. Pretty much the only photos the public sees of Beyoncé are the ones she chooses to share.

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Beyoncé has mastered the delicate balancing act of famous celebrity and private woman. What’s more, she’s raised the bar for pregnancy announcements. Take a page out of Bey’s book and celebrate your new life – while still keeping your privacy – with these tips:

Go above and beyond with your inspiration

Immediately after Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, people began comparing the stunning photos to depictions of goddesses and famous art styles. The Guardian posted a lengthy article breaking down her influences, pointing out the colors of the Virgin Mary, the rococo-inspired floral arrangement and the three-quarter angle popular with 15th-century Flemish portraiture. Similarly, Quartz noted that her gold-enshrined Grammy performance carried on with the Virgin Mary theme while also evoking Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of love and fertility.

Some might think such an approach is excessive or garish, but this is your pregnancy announcement. If you want to envision yourself a goddess, go right ahead! If you’re struggling to come up with some artistic or historical references for your creative pregnancy announcement, try some of these options:

  • The Impressionist art movement: Impressionist paintings are all about light and color, capturing the reality of the subject while highlighting or enhancing its beauty, making the movement perfect for focusing on both the highs and lows of pregnancy. Look at some Mary Cassatt paintings for inspiration. She was well-known for her pictures of mothers and children.
  • Kabuki theater: This Japanese style of theater has inspired pop icons and makeup companies alike. To keep your announcement culturally sensitive, opt for using the colors and shapes of kabuki rather than dressing up as a performer. Use black, white and red colors arranged in sharp angles and curves.
  • Norse mythology: Freya, a Norse goddess, is associated with love, fertility, gold and beauty. She wears a cloak of falcon feathers and rides a chariot pulled by a pair of cats. This all has the makings of a fantastic and creative pregnancy announcement – you can dress yourself in gold jewelry (even if it’s simply costume jewelry), wear your most fabulous cloak and even get your two house pets in on the action.
Classical sculptures in a museum.Use art, history or mythology to come up with a creative theme.

Hire a photographer or become one yourself

The person who shot Bey’s famed photo was an Ethiopian-turned-New Yorker named Awol Erizku. But he’s not just a photographer – according to BBC News, he also works in video, music and sculpture. There’s no doubt that his experience in different branches of art contributed to the strength of Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement shoot.

Unfortunately, not all of us can hire a photographer who deserves a spread in Vogue. In fact, some moms might not even be able to find a local photographer with rates that fit their budget. Yet every mother deserves a pregnancy photo shoot worthy of Queen Bey. If your budget is a little tight, see if a local photography student will take your photos for a cheaper rate. They’ll likely appreciate the chance to practice their skills, especially if you bring them a creative theme. Plus, the shoot gives students real-world experience working with a client – something that is invaluable should they wish to become a professional.

Otherwise, you can try taking the pictures yourself. Mom365 has some expert-level photography tips for taking snapshots of your children, and you can adapt these to fit your pregnancy shoot. Don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with using the self timer. Yet one secret to remember is that it takes a lot of shooting to get to the perfect picture. Don’t be discouraged if you take a dozen shots and don’t like them. Beyoncé probably took hundreds of photos before settling on the handful she posted online.

A woman holding a digital camera to her eye.Hire a photography student or practice using your camera’s self timer.

Drop your pregnancy bomb and stay out of the drama

If you want to know one of the secrets to Beyoncé’s privacy, consider this: She never engages with drama. She no doubt encountered some critical comments on her pregnancy post, but she never responded to them. If there’s one title you’ll never see on a gossip blog, it’s, “Beyoncé claps back at rude online comment!”

If your social media followers are known for drama – maybe you have catty in-laws or an old frenemy trying to take you down, for example – you should adopt a similar approach. One day, out of nowhere, drop your stunning pregnancy photos online and then disappear. If your aunt tries to come in with a snide remark or an old sorority sister tries to steal your thunder, blast “Flawless” and ignore them.

Beyoncé’s photos appear to be larger than life, but the reality is you don’t need a million-dollar budget to achieve similar results. Just blend some creative inspiration, great photography skills and an aversion to drama.