How to Be a Great Playdate Guest

A teacher is sitting on the floor with her preschoolers and day care students - they are playing with plastic blocks together.

Playdates are a great way for your child to socialize with other children — practice sharing toys, learn to use their imagination through playtime — but they are also a great opportunity for mom to have an adult conversation.

If you are hosting the playdate, keep it simple and short (an hour or less works best for two year olds) and don’t feel bad if the playdate isn’t your idea of successful.  The point of a playdate is for a child to get familiar with playing well with other children. As long as that is happening, its a success.

If you aren’t hosting the playdate and are a guest, there are four things you should know in order to get invited back.

1. Arrive on time. It goes without saying you should call or text if you are running late. Sometimes playdates are scheduled right before nap or lunch so its a good idea to give a heads up if the schedule will be changing.

2. Bring something. If you know the child hosting the playdate doesn’t have food allergies, consider bringing a healthy snack that can be shared. If you aren’t sure, bring a craft project or toy so the children can have an activity to do.

3. Be Friendly. Role play with your child so saying “Hi”, “Bye”, “Please” and “Thank you” can easily be said while at the playdate. Good maners will go along way during a playdate. So will sharing (or at least attempting to) toys and snacks.

4. Offer to Host. When the playdate is over, thank your host and then offer to host a playdate next time at your house. This will also be a great conversation for your child to hear so they know that even though the playdate is over, it will continue on another day. Then they can look forawrd to showing off and sharing the toys in their room.