How to Buy a Baby Swing

a mother playing with her baby in a baby swing

If you’re planning for a baby, you might have a lot on your to-do list. Well, here’s another thing to add: buy a baby swing. These contraptions can really come in handy – especially in your little one’s first year of life. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about buying a baby swing.

Why Should I Buy a Baby Swing?

If you’re expecting a newborn, you may be overwhelmed with how many items this little person needs. During the baby’s first month, you may realize that some things are necessary and some just aren’t. The baby swing is essential. This device mimics the rocking motion of the womb (or a mom or dad) and can soothe your baby straight to sleep. In addition, this allows for parents to put their baby down in something other than his or her crib (in which your baby might instantly cry). It provides both convenience and soothing for your little one – all the while being completely hands-free for mom and dad.

Choosing a Baby Swing

There are plenty of features that can come with a baby swing. Some are non-essential, while others are a must. Essential characteristics include safety belts with a three-point harness so your baby is locked in tight. A baby swing should also be incredibly sturdy, including a low height so if your little one leans, the contraption won’t tip to one side. Be sure to check out the back of the package before purchasing a swing. It should have a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seal of approval on the packaging. Never buy a fixture without the approval label.

Soothe your little one to sleep with a baby swing.Soothe your little one to sleep with a baby swing.

On the other hand, there are also many non-essential features to choose from for a baby swing. Here are some of your options:

  • Removable seat: Babies drool and spit up a lot. You’re going to want to be able to take the dirty cover and throw it into the wash.
  • Comfort: Some seat paddings are more comfortable than others. You’re going to want one with extra cushion so your baby is comfortable inside.
  • Sound: Some baby swings have songs that play to help lull your little one to sleep.
  • Toys: Other swings have little figurines that hang above your baby’s head to keep him or her occupied.
  • Speed: The speed on swings vary. Some move back and forth, others cradle with a side to side motion, and there are some that vibrate. Some seats offer up to eight speeds. Test out all of the speeds to figure out which one your baby responds to best.

If you’re shopping for a baby swing, you’re going to want to make sure it fits well in your home. Traditional swings can be broken down to put in storage but generally take up a lot of space. Be sure to consider where you’ll be putting the swing before purchasing it. You’re going to need something that sits comfortably in a room where there aren’t many disruptions for your newborn.

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