How to Buy a Bouncer Seat

Funny little baby relaxing in a bouncer with sheepskin foot muff wearing warm knitted reindeer Christmas sweater at home on cold winter day. New born boy in stroller. Newborn child in a bouncer seat.

If you’re expecting a little one, you might be busy preparing in any way you can. You are probably stocking up on diapers, picking out a crib and choosing some baby clothing. While all of those items are necessary, there may be one that’s extremely useful that slipped your mind: a bouncer seat. Here’s how to search for the perfect one for you and your family:

What are they?

Bouncer seats are an affordable piece of equipment that will come in handy as a parent. Babies like to be rocked and bounced because it soothes them to sleep. And while you can most certainly do this while you’re holding your infant, what about when you to put him or her down? Well, that’s what the bouncer seat is for. These items are chairs that hold and bounce your baby.

Bouncer seats are the perfect way to keep your little one entertained or safe so you have a chance to do what you need to do (think: take a shower, blow dry your hair, make dinner, etc.). There are several models to choose from, some have vibrating features and others can be transported and locked in your vehicle.

This object is ideal for babies who like movement (most of them). The rocking these seats are calming and smooth for your baby. In fact, they may even lull your infant to sleep.

How do I choose one?

Like most baby items, bouncer chairs come in various sizes, styles and models. When choosing, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. For example, most seats are operated by batteries or cord. You may go through quite a few batteries if you pick a seat that needs one. However, you may be restricted if you choose a cord, because the seat will always have to be plugged into an outlet. Be sure to note the entire build of the bouncer chair before purchasing it. Some bouncers rock, vibrate or even move side-to-side. In addition, some models respond to your little one’s kicks. They also can come with quite a few features like canopies, toys or music.

Be sure to check out all your bouncer seat options.Be sure to check out all of your bouncer seat options.

While accessories are great, it’s very important that your baby is safe in his or her bouncer seat. You’re going to want a chair with a sturdy build so it will last, and safety straps so your infant stays put. Three- or five-point harnesses are a necessity. Anything less won’t provide the safety your baby needs. If you’re considering a bouncer seat, be sure to look on the box for a certification seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Extra features

Once the safety features are out of the way, it’s time to choose a seat that works best for you and your lifestyle. For instance, a removable seat cover is key. Odds are your little one is going to be spitting up and drooling a lot, and it will come in handy to be able to easily toss it into the washing machine. In addition, seat bouncers come in many styles and patterns. You can match one with the decor of your nursery.

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