How to Buy Toddler Shoes

a families shoes lined up together in a row

Now that your little one is moving and grooving on his or her little feet, you’re going to want to take all the safety precautions you can. That includes choosing the right kind of shoes for his or her little feet. Here’s your guide to buying toddler shoes:

The fit

Have your toddler try on any shoes before you buy them. All shoes fit differently depending on the material – even if they’re labeled the same size. Have you child stand up. Squeeze his or her feet. There should be enough room to fit your pinky between your little one’s heel and the back of the shoe. This should be enough space for your toddler to wear and walk in the shoes comfortably.

Keep in mind that babies’ feet typically swell during the day. Shop later so you don’t accidentally buy a pair that is too small.

The style

Your little one is always going to be on the go. That means, you’re going to want a pair of shoes that can be easily thrown on and removed. Velcro is perfect for toddlers. As he or she gets older, you may want to try out laces, but make sure the length of the laces are long enough to double-knot so they don’t come undone at any time throughout the day.

“Mesh is the perfect flexible material for toddler shoes.”

The material

Make sure that you choose a pair of shoes made with a breathable, flexible material like mesh. Avoid stiff leather. It will be uncomfortable for your toddler’s feet, which will be constantly growing. Shoes that are lightweight are ideal, and mesh is a great fabric that offers just enough support and give.