How to Catch the Moment with Your iPhone Camera

stop missing moment iphone camera tipsFor me, there is something absolutely magical that happens when my kids are in the flow, totally engrossed in the moment, and I’m just lucky to be along for the ride.

My iPhone camera helps me stay present and in the moment with them. I see more and feel more through the lens because I’m looking for the essence of the moment, the story I want to tell.

A moment that might just otherwise pass unnoticed becomes elevated both in experience and memory. What is so elusive in real time?  The preciousness of passing moments, so elusive in real time, can be pinned down just a little in photos that are a record not just of what happened but of a point of view and a feeling. There are an infinite number of photos that can be taken at any given moment and I chose that one perspective, that one view, that one moment.

Parents often bemoan to me the fact that their iPhone camera is the one they use the most.

Guess what? Me too.

side by side iphone photos

My iPhone is the camera that I have with me at all times, and it is my favorite camera for capturing everyday moments that might otherwise slip through my fingers.

Here are my top 5 ways to stop missing the moment using your iPhone.

1) Make sure your clothing always includes a pocket so you can keep your iPhone literally within arm’s reach at all times.

iphone selfie tips for moms

2) Use the camera icon on your lock screen to quickly access the camera (swipe the camera icon up) without having to unlock your phone.

Unfortunately, this can only be used to access the default camera app. If you use another app to take photos (I use and recommend Camera+) you can at least use Touch ID so you can quickly unlock your phone.

Bonus tip: did you know you can go to Settings/Touch ID & Passcode to add more fingerprints? This is handy if you want to be able to access your phone from either hand, or grant access to multiple users.

iphone lockscreen fingerprint how to

3) Keep your phone charged!

There is nothing worse than missing the moment because your phone died. I love my Mophie Juice Pack that gives me a fast second battery charge if I happen to run low and don’t have a charger or outlet handy.

urban playground hula hoop

4) Keep space clear on your phone!

You don’t want to be missing the moment because you’re trying to find photos to delete from your phone to create space either! I recommend that you use Photo Stream and either iPhoto, Aperture or Dropbox to automatically download your photos to your computer.  See my step-by-step instructions. Then clear off space on a regular basis, monthly, or even more frequently if necessary.

5) Add your favorite Camera App to your iOS dock.

add favorite apps ios dock

Believe it or not, I only just thought of this one! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but you can make your favorite Camera App one of the apps that always appears at the bottom of your home screen.

iphone camera tips fun playground photos

Looking for more iPhone photography tips? Come back next week when I’ll be sharing my best strategies for taking photos on your iPhone.