How to Choose a Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter can be a difficult decision for parents.

Leaving your child alone for the first time is a tough step for many parents. Moms and dads want to know their little ones are in safe hands and that the babysitter can be trusted to handle every situation in a smart manner. Mom365 breaks down how adults can select the right caregiver for their kiddos in parents’ absence:

Ask for references and referrals

Positive word-of-mouth goes a long way for families when it comes to taking care of young children. Parents should ask friends and family members about their chosen babysitter and why he or she made the cut, according to Kids Health. If these peers are willing to share their caregiver, adults will know that the person has a history of good work.

In addition to referrals, moms and dads should ask the babysitters they’re interviewing for a list of references. These contacts could be fellow employers as well as people who can give greater detail into the caregiver’s trustworthiness and safety. With this extra insight, parents can make the most informed decision.

Referrals from friends and family can help parents make a decision.Referrals from friends and family can help parents make a decision.

Look for advanced training

While choosing a babysitter who has little experience may be okay when children are older, kids that are still at risk for choking or accidents require someone who has more knowledge of these situations. When looking for a caregiver for youngsters between one and three years old, parents should attempt to find someone with knowledge and training in CPR and first aid.. This way, kiddos will be in the safest hands possible – aside from their moms and dads.

Don’t overlook intuition

Parents know what’s best for their children, especially at a young age. If a candidate looks great on paper, but something just doesn’t feel right to adults, they should go with their gut feeling, according to At the end of the day, moms and dads will feel more at ease knowing the person they chose meets all their criteria and is the best fit.

Do a meet-and-greet

Once parents have chosen the best person for the job, it’s important to see how the babysitter and the child get along. You can invite the caregivers over for a visit prior to when moms and dads need their services. This can be a week before the actual date or 30 minutes before adults need to leave, whichever families believe is best. During this meet-and-greet, parents can see how their final selection and their children get along as well as give the two parties time to get to know one another.

No matter what the event – a night on the town or time to run some errands – parents are entitled to some time off. Leaving their child at home during these outings, however, can be stressful for moms and dads. Families need a trusted caregiver for these instances. There are certain elements parents should take into consideration when selecting a babysitter, including references and referrals, advanced training and their intuition. All of these factors will help moms and dads make the most informed and safe decision.