How to Host a Supreme Baby Shower [Infographic]

With a few tips, you can plan a great baby shower.

When your friend or loved one is expecting a child, planning a baby shower is a fun way to share in the anticipation and excitement. It’s an opportunity to exchange parenting advice, enjoy a meal, play games and gather some of the essential items a new mom will need to care for a newborn. With some careful planning, you can ensure the party is a great time for the expectant mother and all the guests alike.

Give some consideration to choosing the ideal time and place for the celebration, making sure your plans are convenient for the guest of honor. Renting out a banquet hall or reserving space at a restaurant can set a festive atmosphere and save you some clean-up tasks. On the other hand, holding the shower in a home can make everyone feel more comfortable and encourage more interaction.

The location will influence the activities you plan and also the guest list. Keep in mind that there’s no need to limit the attendees to women. Feel free to invite anyone the mother-to-be would appreciate sharing the day with.

If everyone’s contributing a dish, keep track of who’s bringing what to ensure a nice variety. After all, you only need so many casseroles at the party. Provide gift registry information as well so the expectant mom will receive the bottles, diapers, toys and other essentials she’s had her eye on.

Finally, leave the future mother with a thoughtful way to remember this joyous occasion. Have all the guests sign their name and leave well wishes on a single piece of paper, which you can then pair with a group photo or personal note. That way, the special guest will have a memento she can look back at well after the birth and recall the time she spent with family and friends.