How to Make a Father’s Day Feast

Everyone knows daddies like to eat. Really now, who’s there for you when you can’t finish your plate? Daddy is! Who is there to take a way too big bite of your sandwich? Daddy is! Who will finish your sloppy sticky ice cream cone and not even mind a bit? Daddy! We’ll be celebrating our fathers on June 21st, so why not do so with a feast? Since the mommies get brunch, let’s give daddy lunch. A Father’s Day feast!

Here’s a menu to get you started. Feel free to switch it up to make your daddy happy. And encourage him to play with whichever kids aren’t helping you to cook. You want him to work up a big appetite!

Appetizer: shrimp cocktail — so easy, and so yummy. You can usually buy shrimp already pink and good to go for this, or steam them quickly yourself. Store bought cocktail sauce is a-ok, delicious even. Your kids can put it in a bowl and arrange the shrimp nicely.

Main: A big meat sandwich, unless of course your daddy is a vegetarian, then it should be a big non-meat sandwich. Try the Baltimore Beef Bad Boy, or Mushroom and Ham Po Boy, or for the vegetartian daddy, my favorite falafel sandwich recipe. Just remember the exact recipe doesn’t matter so much as giving daddy the opportunity to hold a lot of food up close to his face. Ha!

Side: Gourmet potato chips. I think for Father’s Day we can forgo the salad for the greasy deliciousness daddy really craves. Good fries aren’t the easiest to do at lunch, so buy him fancy chips!

Dessert: Ice cream sandwiches! Give him another sandwich, but this time of the cool and creamy variety. Spooning softened ice cream between two big chocolate chip cookies is messy and wonderful or in a pinch, buy the old school chocolate cookie with vanilla in the middle type. Yum, yum, yum.

Then, when daddy is full and happy, begin the entertainment. A family song? A dramatic reenactment? A poem? A dance? You can let the kids be in charge of this one while you eat your ice cream sandwich too!

What’s your Father’s Day plan?