How To Make The Most Of Baby’s First Snow

Mixed race happy family sitting with a snowman outdoors.

Despite the brutal cold, the sloppy weather and the ever-present possibility of a snowstorm, winter can be a joyous time of year. It’s an excuse to enjoy your favorite hot beverage once again, take out your cute scarves and coats, have a snowball fight and go ice skating.

When you’re a new mom, it might not be immediately clear what you can still enjoy with your little one in tow. Here’s how to make the most of your baby’s first winter:

Bundle up

Staying warm is the most important part of having a wonderful winter, no matter what age you are. Babies have a harder time regulating their own temperatures than adults, however, making it more important that they’re dressed properly for the weather. Pediatricians generally recommend that parents dress their infants in one more layer than they dress themselves, Parents explained.

Happy little girl on winter walkBundle up your baby and take him for a walk.

Be sure to have all the right gear for your little one. Baby winter coats come in a wide range of styles, as do boots, hats, mittens and snowsuits. Find one that’ll keep your baby warm and protected from the cold against their skin. If your baby is one to suck on his or her fingers or thumb, keep an extra pair of mittens handy. Once the mittens are wet, they’ll only serve to keep hands cold, not warm, Baby Center pointed out.

Explore winter activities together

There are some winter sports your infant will need to wait to experience, like skiing or ice skating. However, you can start to introduce your baby to snow and winter activities early on. Get a small baby toboggan to go on a short snowshoe hike through the woods, or push your baby in a stroller for a walk around your neighborhood. On a nice day, go outside to show your baby the snow. Let her watch it fall and make a snowball for her to touch.

Keep skin hydrated

Most people notice their skin tends to dry out during the winter months. The same is true for babies, but remember: Your infant’s skin is more sensitive than yours. Because of this, you’ll need to pay extra attention to keeping your baby’s skin hydrated.

Remember that you don’t need to bathe your baby every day. This may do more harm than good, as the hot water and soap will dry out his skin faster. When you do give your little guy a bath, be sure to quickly follow up with a moisturizer.

Have fun indoors

When the weather outside is frightful, you can still enjoy winter inside. There are plenty of winter-themed activities you can bring indoors for your baby to enjoy:

Read a wintry book

Cozy up with your baby and a winter-centric book. A few excellent ones include:

  • “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jacks Keats.
  • “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen.
  • “Stella: Queen of the Snow” by Marie-Louise Gay.

Reading these books is a calming way to introduce your baby to concepts of snow, winter and the holidays you celebrate.

Go to a mommy and me class

Chances are, you’re not the only new mom looking for something to do with her baby during this time of year. Check out your local community center, library, university or other institutions to find mommy and me classes, where you and your baby can both socialize.

Explore winter festivals

If you have a winter carnival, a wintertime parade or a winter-themed festival in your town, make some time to explore it. There may be activities for you and your little one to enjoy there, plus you might find some yummy treats or fun purchases to make.