How to Make Your Baby a Heart Shaped Cake

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays. I love love and I love chocolate, so celebrating both always seems like a great idea. My littlest one’s birthday is also just after Valentine’s day, and because of her, I’ve tried out the exciting geometry of a heart shaped cake made from a round cake pan and a square cake pan.

Some might think that baking a heart shaped Valentine’s day cake for your little one goes above and beyond the call of duty, but if this is your style, and especially if it’s the baby’s birthday, I think you’re wonderful and I want to help you make it as easy, beautiful and affordable as possible. The affordability comes from not having to run out to buy a heart shaped pan. The easy and beautiful part is explained just below:

Make enough cake batter for 2 pans, 8 or 9″ wide for the square, and in the same diameter for the round. Choose a cake that is somewhat firm. I used the amazing banana cake recipe from the Joy of cooking.

Let the cakes cool and then flip them over on their bellies. This flipping is key to making the heart look professional with a nice flat surface on top.

Cut the round cake in half, and turn the square cake so that it looks like a diamond.

heart cake
Heart cake geometry

Place the two half rounds next to the upper edges of your diamond. If the round part sticks out at all (like mine did!), just trim the edges. Then you can sample your cake, and no one will ever know.

Frost, and decorate, perhaps with a banana font, like I did (photo up above), especially if your kiddo has a very short and sweet name.

Here’s a silly and super helpful tip: If you don’t have a tray large enough to accommodate a big luscious heart cake, order pizza just before. You’ll be able to concentrate on baking and not on cooking, and your kids will be thrilled and actually leave you alone while they eat their pizza. When the pizza is done, you can use the lid of the pizza box for your cake tray.

Happy Valentines Day!!