How to Score the Best Deals at Target

Exterior view of Target chain store in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Minnesota based Target

Ooooh, I just love me a good Target sale. Don’t you?

Target has really stepped up their game and I probably do about 75% of my shopping there. Not only is their kid’s stuff really cute, but the women’s department just keeps getting better and better. My local Target just started carrying groceries too, and now that I can pick up a gallon of milk and a hot pair of black suede wedge booties in the same place? Well, I might just pop up a tent in the camping equipment aisle and call it home.

While Target is arguably my favorite place to shop, sometimes it gets a little pricey. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a hard time walking out the doors without spending at least $100. I always think I’m going to pop in there to pick up “just a few things” and two hours later I’ve got ten bags in my cart and a lot of explaining to do.

If you’re like me and you get hypnotized by the red bull’s eye, then follow these tips to scoring sweet deals:

1. Memorize the Markdown Schedule

I love a discount and a Target markdown makes me want to do a happy dance. Get the schedule down and stalk your favorite departments accordingly.

Monday: Children’s Clothing, Electronics, Stationary, Office supplies, Gift wrap
Tuesday: Women’s Apparel, Domestics
Wednesday: Men’s Apparel, Health and Beauty, Toys
Thursday: Shoes, Lingerie, Housewares, Shoes
Friday: Cosmetics, Automotives

2. Download a price-checking app

This article has a great round-up of money-saving shopping aps. Scan merchandise to check for deeper discounts or missed markdowns. This is particularly true for items on racks and shelves that are one of a kind. It’s likely they are from previous seasons and were recently returned. Take advantage of Target’s price-matching policy by using your app to compare prices at other retailers. Read up on the rules of the policy here.

3. Read between the lines

The clearance stickers have hidden codes that tell you how much the item was discounted. The original price of the item appears at the top right-hand corner and is them followed by the discount percentage like, 10, 30, 50, etc. If a 15% discount isn’t enough of a bargain for you, wait two weeks and then check back. Target marks down their sale merchandise bi-weekly.

4.  Shop the ends of the aisles

The ends of the aisles contain discounted merchandise. Sometimes it seems like random odds and ends are piled up there, but it’s worth sorting through the mess. Make sure you cruise the entire perimeter of the store, since sale merchandise is often kept away from the high-traffic shopping areas.

5. Get crazy with the coupons

Target accepts printable internet coupons, manufacturer coupons, store coupons from their website, and mobile coupons that are sent via text message five times a month.

Are you cuckoo for Target like I am? What are some of your favorite ways to score a sweet deal?