How to Survive Your Summer Pregnancy

Survive Your Summer Pregnancy

It’s hard enough getting through that summer heat, but to be pregnant in the summer?!?! Whew! My first baby was born August 29th, and I’m currently pregnant with my second due August 31st. Now you might wonder what the heck is wrong with me for such having poor planning. But I have to say, I’m pretty much a pro when it comes to being pregnant in the summertime now! It’s also important to note that I live in Brooklyn where there’s lots of walking to be done and it’s hard to avoid the outdoors and the heat if I need to do anything outside of the house. That being said, I do have a few tips on how to survive your summer pregnancy.

Drink TONS of water

Hydration is absolutely key. On a trip to Arizona during my first pregnancy, I quickly learned that dehydration can be seriously dangerous for a pregnant woman. Dehydration can cause early contractions and even pre-term labor. Luckily, everything turned out ok in my story, but my lesson was learned! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is best, but coconut water is also great, and feel free to spruce up your drink with lemon, lime, watermelon, mint, berries, etc. I just bought a water infuser, and it has seriously helped to up my daily water intake. A fruit popsicle is also a great way to get some water down and cool you off.

Take a Dip!

Water is not just for drinking! Carry a spritz bottle around, use a cold washcloth, take a cold shower, jump in a pool, or hang out at the beach or lake. I guarantee you will feel much cooler after taking a nice swim!

Breathable Clothing

It can be really uncomfortable when you are sweating through your clothing and getting heat rash, so make sure you find clothing items that let your body BREATHE! Choose fabrics like linen or cotton and pieces that are flowy. My favorite things to wear while pregnant during those summer days are maxi dresses and flip-flops!

Prevent Swelling

Your body will definitely retain water toward the end of your pregnancy, so to avoid swelling, make sure you aren’t eating too much salt (and are, yep, drinking plenty of water). You can also kick back with your feet up to help with the swelling in your legs and feet. You may also want to take off your rings if you find you are swelling a lot, because it won’t be fun to have them cut off later.

Shade Yourself

When you’re outdoors, try to head out in the earlier hours before the heat reaches its daily max. Hide under an umbrella at the beach, lather up with sunscreen, and wear a sunhat to protect yourself.

Prenatal Massage

Get comfy! A massage can also reduce swelling, and let’s be honest, it just feels amazing as your body gets larger, you start carrying more weight around, and you start to ache. Not to mention a massage usually happens indoors…where it’s cooler!

Air Conditioning

Speaking of the cool indoors, you may want to spend some time with the AC on! Although I love to get outside in the summer time, you definitely want to make sure you don’t get overheated, and relaxing with the AC on is a great way to keep cool and stay safe and comfortable during your pregnancy.

Mom365 has more tips on surviving a summer pregnancy healthy and happy!

Do you have any survival tips to add for a summer pregnancy? Would love to hear your thoughts on how you made it through!