How To Take the Best DIY Fall Family Photos

Mother and a baby / Location: Schonbrunn Park, Vienna

Fall is possibly the best season of the year. The heat of summer is long gone, and winter’s chill hasn’t set in yet. Plus, the splendid colors make a gorgeous setting. The great weather and beautiful landscape are perfect for taking family photos.

But how do you best use fall’s colors to your advantage? And where should you take your pictures? Use the following fall photography tips to make the most out of this time of year:

Shoot during golden hour

Autumn lighting is spectacularly bright and warm, which is always great for photography. The best time to shoot in the fall is during golden hour, the time right before the sun sets. The light during this time is dramatic in a way that enhances the cozy, warm feeling of the season.

Before taking childhood photos of your kids, make sure they’re fed and in a good mood. Few things are more frustrating than asking grumpy children to pose on an empty stomach.

Trees changing colors.Golden hour is the best time to shoot fall photos.

Play with shutter speed

Shutter speed dictates the length of time your camera lens is open, allowing more or less light inside. A faster shutter speed freezes action, while a slow one causes motion blur.

Play around with this camera attribute, along with focus and white balance, for some interesting effects. For example, have your toddler play in leaves and use a faster speed. In your picture, the leaves will appear suspended in midair. Alternatively,  you can use a slow speed to capture your child’s movements.

family, childhood, season and people concept - happy family playing with autumn leaves in park

Use contrasting colors

Fall has dramatic hues: oranges, yellows, reds and golds. To make sure your children really pop against the background, dress them in contrasting colors. Just imagine how cute your kids will look dressed in baby blue while playing in a pumpkin patch! Or, if they’re standing against a bright red bush, how about something in green?

Let nature frame the photo

When it comes to composition, nature is a great asset. Trees, branches and leaves can all frame the photo or direct the viewer’s eye to its focal point: your toddler. Have your little one stand between two tree trunks or at the end of a row of apples. The diagonal perspective created by the trees and ground leads the viewer to look straight at your child.

Why fall photography?

Taking photos of your little ones every autumn is a fantastic way to create lifelong memories. You’re sure to look fondly at these childhood photos over time, and holding annual fall photoshoots lets you see your children grow through the years.