I Googled My Baby’s Name and Look What I Found!

Woman Reading Scary Message On Social Network Late Night

My husband and I picked the name “Rose” for our baby girl due in a few months. We have a very common last name, and when I Googled our daughter’s first and last name together the top results and all of the images turned up as a soap-opera character (who happens to be a stripper) in the UK. We live in the Southern United States and had never heard of this apparently popular show. How important is Google in the naming of a child? Should we stick with the name we love or keep looking? – Brooke

In this networked age, it’s irresistible to start Googling your kids’ names, even before they’re even born. But Google-checking baby names before or after the birth can be an emotional pitfall, because parents are likely to give the results more importance than they deserve. Given that you have a common last name, any traditional given name will yield plenty of search results. What’s more, any stylish female name will yield results skewed toward scantily clad young ladies – especially when you search for images. That’s just the web’s nature.

So the image search result you got  is not surprising. But is it important? Probably less so than you think. While the producers of this TV soap might be bombing the UK presses with photos and stories about their “Rose” character, they’re not promoting (or even airing) their show here in America, where you live. You’d never heard of the character, and chances are your family and friends haven’t either. Your daughter’s name doppelganger will only be an issue as a web search result.

And even more to the point, life moves fast online. By the time your daughter is old enough to Google her own name (or old enough to have classmates who’ll do the same), the other Rose could well be long gone, replaced by the latest ingénue. Or maybe, in true soap opera fashion, she’ll have made the leap from stripper to astrophysicist or real estate mogul by next year.