I Would Never Think That Was Unsafe

Remember the scene in Mommie Dearest where Joan Crawford screams at her daughter about no more wire hangers? My situation was similiar except I didn’t yell, my baby girl is much younger than Christine, and the hanger was plastic.

I was in the process of hanging up clothes and had a pile of plastic white hangers on the floor of our bedroom. Baby girl was wandering around and decided to play with the hangers. My husband took them from her and put them up out of reach. Unfortunately, they were not totally out of reach. She grabbed one and before we knew it she had bit down and lodged the hook between her gums and the bottom of her mouth. She screamed and I, as carefully as possible, removed the hook from her mouth. Out come the hook covered in blood and I watched her mouth fill with blood. I tried to avoid panic as much as I could.

I grabbed a towel and some ice and called my husband to help me. In about three minutes, the bleeding had stopped but her screaming continued. I just wanted to soothe her. It took awhile for us to get her to stop wailing and check her mouth. She had a cut in her mouth but it was hard to tell. We decided to wait before heading to the doctor.

Long story short, she’s fine now. It’s been about three days and she was in a lot of discomfort to eat and would only drink. Doctor said it was a small cut and not a hole, which he was glad about. She was back to herself within a day and a half.

A plastic hanger. Who knew? I couldn’t believe that something like that would cause such harm. Obviously, I wanted to share my experience to let others know that you could be standing there and think they are playing with something basically harmless, but you never know.

Has your baby got a hold of something that you never thought would be harmful?