Is IKEA a Relationship Wrecker?

Shopping with your significant other can be stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to agree on the color, style or price of something when you’re buying it together. But, can one store play a role in wrecking your relationship? According to  IKEA is bad for relationships.

Have you ever been to IKEA? The furniture is set up to model different rooms of your house (kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc.) in all different types of themes. Once you find a piece of furniture you like, you have to grab the number and go to another section to get the boxes so you can bring it home and build it yourself.

One expert says the drama starts when you walk room to room with your special someone. Take the kitchen for instance. You may think you’re just looking at a new table and chairs, but the kitchen sparks debate about who does more cooking, dishes, etc.

Strike one.

Then there’s the kid section. There’s discussion about family, child-rearing, etc.

Strike two.

The real trouble for couples starts when they bring the furniture home and try to put it all together. While they’re building shelves, couples are breaking down their relationship at the same time by arguing. A lot. Thus, causing friction in the relationship. There’s even one piece of furniture dubbed “The Divorcemaker,” otherwise known as the LIATORP TV storage combination (see pic above). It can supposedly cause problems because it has so many pieces to put together.

Strike three.

While the thought of a store ruining a relationship may make you laugh, there are some real things to think about. When you build a piece of furniture together, you should be working as a team. If you can’t work as a team, then maybe you do have some relationship issues to work out.

I’ve been to IKEA numerous times with my husband and kids. There have been a few times when we’ve disagreed about a style, but never to the point of an all-out  relationship ruining argument. I think it’s good to disagree at times. Agreeing on everything is boring, right?

We’ve also bought a few pieces of furniture, nothing as grand as “The Divorcemaker,” but still, items that require an hour or two or more of assembly. Although I’ve handed over a screwdriver or two, I’ve never actually had a real role in putting the furniture together. This is partly because I have no interest and partly because I was never asked to help. Hmmm…maybe that’s why we’re still together?

Do you think a trip to IKEA can really affect a relationship?