iPhone Case Photo Tips

custom iphone case with children's photo

How to put your favorite photo on your favorite device

This month we have been looking at easy ways to get your photos off your screen and into the world to enjoy.Get Your Photos off Your Hard Drive-Your Favorite Photo for Your Favorite Device

We’ve talked about MySocialBook, ShutterCal and the good old fashioned album of prints.

Today I want to share one of my favorite ways of enjoying just one special photo – on my iPhone case.

I’ve had Uncommon iPhone cases for several years now. I get a new one made certainly with each new phone and sometimes in between as well, and I have received so many compliments as a result.

My phone is not only the device I use most often but the object I use the most—I carry it with me everywhere so it makes sense to make a photo display out of it, both for myself and as a way of expressing a little bit about myself to others.

Tips for choosing a photo for your iPhone case

1) This will most likely become the photo that you and others see the most  so make sure it is a photo you LOVE and a photo that makes you smile and feel good every time you see it.

But be assured that, as always, I recommend that emotionally good wins over technically good, although if it is both, all the better!


2) If you have more than one child, you probably want to have a photo that includes all of them
, which can be tricky, especially in a vertical orientation.

I prefer the vertical orientation but there is no reason why you can’t choose a horizontal orientation instead.

3) You do need a fair amount of extra photo as a border
to wrap around the phone case and there is also a cut out for the camera.

I have found this can limit options so you might want to set out to take a photo specifically for your case, keeping this in mind. If you don’t nail it, don’t beat yourself up—try again another day.
Personalized iPhone caseOne of the things I love about the Uncommon iphone case is that it still keeps the overall profile of the phone very slim.

Once you have your case, make sure you show your kids so they can see how proud you are of them.

Bonus: enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected even if you drop it, as I have done many a time!