Is FabKids a Fab Deal or Waste of Money?

fabkid website promotion

Well, you can now add Christina Applegate to the long list of random celebrities with children’s clothing lines. But this one is a little different. FabKids, Applegate’s children’s apparel brand and eCommerce site, offers parents a monthly membership where Applegate hand-picks outfits for your tot, and if you approve, the merchandise gets sent right to your house.

Here’s the catch: It’s nearly $50 a month.

As Kelly Bundy would say, “Like, whoa.”

There is some substance behind the monthly membership fee and maybe some parents will gain some real benefit from the site. For example, if you decide not to purchase any clothing one month, the $49.95 is applied as a merchandise credit that can be used at a later date. Also, parents fill out a style profile for each child (questions include which animals and accessories your child likes), so the outfits that Applegate selects are based off your kid’s unique style preferences.

It’s ok if you are giggling to yourself right now. I could barely write that with a straight face.

Ummmm. Let’s see: my 2-year old’s personal style consists of chocolate milk stained t-shirts that were hand me downs from her older sister, legging with holes in the knees, and whatever shoes she has decided to wear the five minutes they stay on her feet.

And accessories? Do pacifiers and rings of dirt around her ankles? *fingers crossed*

If anyone is getting $50 worth of clothing a month, it’s going to be ME — not some pint-sized tomato sauce tornado that can’t keep anything clean for more than 90 seconds.

You know what I’m saying?

What do you think of Applegate’s new concept? Would you be willing to shell out $50 a month to outfit your tot in celebrity fashions?