Is Kale the New Jacob?

Fresh Green Kale on wooden background

Breaking! The country’s trendiest vegetable is now an increasingly popular baby name. (Though, OK, nowhere near last year’s top boy name.) According to a post on Bon Appetit’s blog, via the SSA, in 2013, 257 boys’ and 5 girls’ parents named them Kale. The first baby Kale was born, phonetically fittingly, in Kansas, and the name started rising in popularity in 2005.

I was amused and slightly vindicated to read this–Kale and Cale were on my short-list of preferred baby middle names to go with Hudson. I heart kale. I could almost live on raw kale salad drenched in lemon and tossed with avocado. (As long as I was also allowed chocolate and coffee.) My husband, though he professed to be “open” to the name, ixnayed it when it came down to deciding (as well as some of my other faves, like Bowie, Luka, and Luke). Oh well.

The post also notes other food names around right now, like Apple (ahem, Gwyneth and Chris), Peaches, Olive (thank you, Drew Barrymore), Chai, Tamari, and Rye, among others. As an aspiring foodie, I love this tasty trend in names—even if I don’t get to think about my precious babe every time I have a green juice.