Is LAX the Worst Place to Pump Breastmilk?

Gross. Check out where one new mom says she was directed to when she requested a place to pump at Los Angeles International Airport. I’ve pumped in some pretty strange places (my boss’s bedroom, a co-worker’s moving vehicle, too many bathrooms to count…), but this really takes the cake. Fortunately there’s a new law in California, requiring airports to provide a nursing room by January 2016. But that wasn’t early enough to help this mom.

Check out the full news story below, then tell us: Where’s the worst place you’ve ever had to pump?

New mom: I had to pump breast milk in LAX janitor’s closet

“Take a look at that janitor’s closet seen in the picture above, the one where even Mr. Clean might not want to lean against the walls. That’s where new mother Haley Picchini says that she was directed when she needed to pump her breast milk before a flight at Los Angeles International Airport.

“The Austin, California woman said she tried to find a quiet, discreet place to pump, but the signs that supposedly led to the airport’s Mothers’ Area just sent her in circles instead. One airport worker said she thought there was a nursing room in Terminal 7, another suggested Terminal 6, while a third said she should just park herself somewhere between the two.”