Is Pregnancy a Disability?

Expectant mothers

On a trip to the store over the weekend (to buy itty-bitty newborn diapers!), something caught my eye that never has before: the line of motorized shopping carts near the front door. I’m less than a month away from my due date, it was over 90 degrees outside, and I was waddling around on sore hips and swollen feet, moving slower than a drunk duck. And so for a moment I allowed myself to fantasize about hopping on one of those scooters and zipping my way down the aisles in a comfortable seated position.

It was the first time I’d ever wanted to be like Snooki.

Last week the 7-months-pregnant star of Jersey Shore was spotted scootering down the Seaside Heights boardwalk with costars JWoww and Pauly D. According to one report, the scooter was originally for JWoww, who sprained her ankle during a bar fight while filming the show. (You can see the bandages on her foot in the above photo.)

Who knows if there’s a medical reason Snooki needs the scooter or if she’s just taking advantage of it to be more comfortable during her third trimester. When I told my doctor my sciatica was acting up again, she didn’t offer me a scooter, but she did ask if I wanted her to get me a temporary handicapped tag to hang from my rearview mirror so I could park closer to stores when I go out. I declined because (a) it wasn’t really that bad and also (b) I didn’t want to take a parking spot from someone who really needed it.

In general, I try not to treat my pregnancy as a disability, but then…sometimes it kind of is, you know?

Would you ride/have you ridden a scooter during your pregnancy?

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