Is Pregnancy an ‘Excuse’ to Let Our Bodies Go?

It’s no secret that trying to lose weight after a baby is hard work. You can crunch and squat 24/7, but sometimes gravity gets the best of your post-pregnancy body. As women, we don’t need to be reminded of what we looked like pre-pregnancy. We especially don’t need the added stress of being told that we’re using our pregnancy as an excuse to let our bodies go. But, that’s just what one celebrity trainer said, and now her words are coming back to bite her.

Tracy Anderson, fitness guru to JLo and Gwyneth Paltrow, is feeling the heat after throwing her fellow mommas under the bus. She has since backed off and apologized, but not before her comments got some women more worked up than doing a Zumba class in the desert.

Besides pointing the finger, Anderson also brags about losing almost all her baby weight in nearly six weeks. Well, good for her. But, your everyday mom (myself included) doesn’t have the time, energy, or resources Hollywood celebs have to make that happen. I think comments like Anderson’s put more pressure on us to be some kind of Superwoman. Not only are we pressured to pump enough breast milk to feed a third world country, but now we also have to have the time and energy to run five miles a day and fit into size 4 jeans so we’re not accused of using our pregnancy to be out of shape.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to be healthy for ourselves and for our children, but we don’t need to be perfect. Guess what? I think that’s okay! I think we need to look in the mirror and like what we see, stretchmarks and all. Unfortunately, comments like Anderson’s make it harder to do that.

Have you gotten your post-pregnancy body back? How do you try to stay in shape?