Is There Another Adorable Garner-Affleck Baby On The Way?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled royal baby programming for an important announcement: There may be another gorgeous Garner-Affleck child on the way!

Okay, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up… I normally ignore “reports” of celebs being pregnant until they’re officially confirmed (even this one!) because let’s face it, any celeb who has the teensy-tiniest bit of large-lunch pudge gets accused of being pregnant. And I definitely don’t want to be contributing to any negative body-image talk. BUT….

It is kind of hard to deny that Jennifer, co-creater of the ridiculously adorable Garner-Affleck children, looks preggo in this photo on Maybe it’s just an unflattering angle or the loose top she’s wearing, but that looks like it could be a baby bump to me. Although, there are some more photos here that make me question it. But the rest of her is so thin! (Sidebar: Pregnant or not, the photos of Jennifer and her beautiful daughters, Violet and Seraphina, are precious.)

I don’t know, Jen’s dreamy husband Ben Affleck has publicly stated that he and Jen are done with having kids, but maybe they figured, heck, why not one more? I hope so! Their kids are too cute and they seem like the coolest, most nerdily-awesome parents EVER!