Is This Your Mommy Must-Read?

Portrait of romantic young married couple

Sweet Valley High Meets Cosmo

My mommy friends and I have been discussing the latest “must have” reads.

The book that keeps coming up in conversation is “50 Shades of Grey.” It’s one of this month’s it books. A romance, if you will, that takes the reader down the path of two lovers in a…er…unique relationship. 

After the whole “Twilight” phenomenom, I was reluctant to jump on another romance book bandwagon. The good news – in my opinion, at least – is there are no sparkling vampires. However, what 50 Shades does highlight is the world of BDSM. And this book REALLY highlights it..

Like any good reviewer, I wanted to do my homework. Knowing there were 3 books, I set aside time to get into the first before writing this post.

I finished it in two days.

Now, make assumptions if you will on why it didn’t take any time at all to get to the last page. Was it juicy? Hell yeah. The sex parts were HOT!! (I’ll come back to that in a little bit.) Was the writing good? Eh. It wasn’t bad writing but it wasn’t compelling either. The author has a very Sweet Valley High feel to her. It made for easy reading but it was brain candy. Reading a Cosmo by the pool type of brain candy.

With that said, I can see why it is so popular and has been deemed “mommy porn.” If you have little to no experience with BDSM or your knowledge is minimal at best (if that’s you, you’re definitely not alone), you might find this book to be too risque. Frankly, that’s the draw. An average woman or even an average mother, probably would start out feeling awkward reading 50 Shades…

But then, you warm up to it. And besides, if you are in that “not feeling sexy” place, little mamas, this book  couldn’t hurt.

The moms I asked who read the book said things like:

“It took me to a place that made me want to get with my husband…”

“I felt like I was back having my first real romance again …only way hotter.”

“The book was a delicious distraction…”

In all seriousness, this is not a replacement for sex with your lover. It could be a way to find your libido again.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Did you read the other two as well? Could this be a book you would recommend to your friends?