Is Your Kid Picking Up Your Habits?

Asian mother and little daughter applying make-up

I own some 32 tubes of lip gloss and lip balm. I wish I was kidding but most of the time I head to Target for laundry soap and diapers, I get one lip glossslashbalmslashenhancer. It’s an addiction. Not one that I’m quitting anytime soon either.

I must have been modeling this addiction behavior around my daughter lately since she has asked for “wip juice” every time she’s in our bathroom.

Mommy, I have wip juice?

Yes, honey.

Applies to lips. Then around lips. Then onto cheeks, over eyelids and forehead. Hands it back.

Tank you!!

She wants to use my lotion, foundation, blush brushes and deodorant as well. Those requests all receive a giant, no honey, that belongs to mommy but for some reason, I’m pretty o.k. with her using the lip balms. Probably because I’m in constant supply. Or maybe it’s because it is her being like me.

A lot of what my kids do lately is a reflection of us; good and bad. When we cuss ( meaning we say stupidor I hate that or what we consider “cussing” in the house), they call us out. When we sneeze or they do and no one says “Bless you!!” right away, we get an earful. But when the behavior is strikingly similar to our laziness…

Honey, go clean up your bed.

Why, mom? Your bed isn’t made up. Why does mine have to be?

….I go check myself before I wreck …umm…

For the record, when we get called out, this usually is followed by a damn, that kid catches everything and then “get your butt in here” because he’s going to help me make my bed before I help him make his.

Modeling behavior, it matters when they are under the age of 5. Frankly, it matters at any age but these spongy years are when you can really form those habits.

And develop those addictions. Good thing the other addiction I passed on is the one about ice cream at night.

Could be worse.