It’s a Different World for Today’s Tech-Savvy Kids

two toddlers playing with a smartphone and tablet

I’m just a smidge outside of the millennial generation, which means I remember when computers were big clunky machines known as “word processors.” They flashed ugly green screens at you and demanded you type in complicated codes to do anything. Maybe there was something fun to do with them, but I can’t recall what that would have been.

Flash forward quite a few years and it’s a whole new world for our kids. They’re growing up surrounded by technology and they seem to have an intuitive sense about how to use it! My little ones can swipe, tap, and click like nobody’s business. And of course they’re drawn to it, because technology today equals creativity, entertainment, and achievement. Like HP’s new Sprout computer. This thing couldn’t be further from the dinosaurs of my childhood.

First off, it’s all touchscreen, from the 23″ HD screen to the uber-thin Touch Mat, a spill-proof, scratch-proof workpad that has 20 contact points. The coolest thing about this high-performance machine is what HP calls the Illuminator, which houses a 3D camera plus a mega pixel camera. Place something on the Touch Mat to be photographed and it appears instantly to be redesigned, reconfigured, manipulated to your heart’s content. Um, the stakes for that take-home art assignment just went way up. Photo projects, creative projects, even boring work projects can now be more interactive and fun. I can only dream of the Lego creations my son would be photographing, creating, and building—he’s like a mini engineer and tweaking things is a favorite pastime.

Of course we all want technology to be as easy and intuitive for us as it is for our kids. Thankfully Sprout has a ton of cool apps that make it simple to use. If there’s a creative endeavor you’ve been meaning to tackle—say, a scrapbook of your baby’s first year—there’s probably a Sprout app that can you get started on it. They have apps that let you do everything from scan, create, and 3D print an original creation; to make stop-motion movies using personal photos; to mix music like a top DJ.

The things you and your kids can easily create using the 3D technology is kind of mind-boggling (to an “old mom” like me anyway.) Of course Sprout also has plenty of practical grown-up necessities and uses an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 1TB of storage and Windows operating system. So you can also use Sprout for all the standard computing stuff. Even “word processing.” But guess what? Now you can make those words jump right off the page. And into a self-designed, professional quality book. That you can print via a 3D printer (sold separately). Um, wow. Times have really, fantastically changed.