It’s Not A Second Thought

I used to be a teacher in my past life. Preschool, mostly, but some subbing and TAing for 3rd and 6th grade. Each student was my child. I felt love for them and pride. I wanted them to succeed and felt part responsible when there was an opportunity.

And while I worked among my peers, most all of them felt the same. In fact, I don’t think I ever worked with a teacher that wouldn’t do anything for her students.


When I read about the tragedy at Sandy Hook and I think about those children who died, I feel in my heart that the teacher and other adults caring for them did everything that they could to protect them. They thought about how they could save them because that’s what I would’ve done. They put themselves in the line of fire because that’s what my peers would’ve done. They didn’t want to die but I believe that in their hearts they wanted those children to live on because that’s what teachers do.

We think about those things, despite having kids of our own. Despite what the job requirement is. We know that the chance of an event like this happening is very rare but if, heaven forbid, it was us, we would respond as of they were our own children. Our own flesh and blood.

Because that’s what is right. Protecting our children. My heartfelt gratitude to all of those involved in this awful tragedy and to those teachers and all teachers everywhere who love their students like their own kids and would not think twice about making the sacrifice for them

You are my heroes.