Jason Bateman Welcomes Sweet Baby Maple

Actor Jason Bateman and wife Amanda Anka arrive at the Hancock premiere

It’s another girl for Jason Bateman and his wife, actress Amanda Anka, who recently welcomed Maple Sylvie Bateman to their family. Maple joins 5-year-old big sister Francesca Nora.

Maple isn’t as original as a fruit or color name, but the combination of food and nature puts it in the company of names like Sage, Juniper and Saffron. Maple also reminds us of the old classic Mabel, but with a trendy spin. Although we don’t yet know the inspiration for Maple, we do know that Anka’s father, singer Paul Anka, hails from one of the places most associated with the maple leaf – Canada.

Maple hasn’t yet broken the top 1,000 most popular baby names list yet and it may not be the next Willow or Ivy, but with all this publicity and its delicious association, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the name on the charts soon enough.

Sylvie, a nature name in its purest form, is an interesting compliment to Maple. According to Mom365’s baby name site, the name is derived from Silvia, which comes from the Latin “silva,” meaning forest. As for the combination Maple Sylvie, it’s very melodious – and it does make our mouths water for some maple syrup.

What do you think of Maple Sylvie? What other nature names do you like?