Jenna von Oy Is Tickled Pink By Baby Gray

New mom Jenna von Oy, best known as TV sidekick Six from 90s tween hit Blossom, tweeted her happy news last week as she welcomed a daughter with a name almost as unique as her signature character’s.

The actress and her husband, Brad Bratcher, welcomed daughter Gray Audrey Bratcher.

Gray is better known as a rare boy’s name, but Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna gave it as a middle name to their daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin in 2001. Today, Gray is best known as a nickname for the chart-climbing boys’ name Grayson, but as a name in its own right,  it hasn’t made the top 100 baby names for girls names or boys names.

So, what’s the source for Jenna naming inspiration? She hasn’t shared it yet, but many Grays and variations of Gray are floating around in the pop culture world: racy bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey; TV medical hit Grey’s Anatomy (based on medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy); and the similar sounding Grayer was the young charge in the early 2000s novel The Nanny Diaries.

A short and sweet surname-style first name, Gray is also close to top 20 name Grace – so maybe we’ll see more little girl Grays in the future.

What do you think of Gray as a girl’s name? Do you have any ideas for what may have inspired this achromatic name choice?