Jessica Simpson Should Be Fat and Happy

jessica simpson smiling in black dress while pregnant

And we should all follow her lead…

When it comes to relatable celebrities, Jessica Simpson tops my list. Sure she is stunning and talented and a trabillionaire, but somehow she still comes across as someone you could easily be friends with, as cliché as that sounds.

Jessica’s down-to-earth, let-it-all-hang-out attitude is incredibly refreshing in a world of celebs who claim they lost their baby weight just by breastfeeding. I guess for some people it really is that easy, but I bet most celeb moms who make that claim are putting more work into it than they admit.

To be honest, a lot of the things Jessica says make me cringe. I actually felt a little embarrassed for her when I heard she said of her first pregnancy that she thought her big belly would deflate when her water broke and her daughter came out. But at the same time, her openness and honesty is what make her so likeable. She is just a regular mom who enjoyed her first pregnancy and gained a bit more than she wanted to, and was able to use what she learned the first time around to make healthier choices the second time. 

It makes me feel better about myself to see that this beautiful, successful celebrity who seems to have it all goes through the exact same struggles so many of us have. And I’m sure it takes a lot of courage for her to be honest about it. Most celebrities want us to believe they are superhuman; they go to great lengths to lose the weight as quickly as possible as though they never gained it. Jessica has supposedly admitted that it’s even harder to lose the weight this time around and she’d rather hang out with her kids than work out. Amen!

Whether you love her or hate her, by sharing her story Jessica Simpson is likely helping a lot of other moms to worry a little less about losing the weight. That’s one small step for a celebrity and one giant leap for a weight-obsessed society.