Jordana Brewster Defies Celeb Surrogacy Secretcy

Jordana Brewster during Los Angeles Premiere of Touchstone Pictures' "Annapolis" to benefit the Scholarship Fund of CSSSA at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

Jordana Brewster is just one of a slew of recent celebrity moms to be out and proud regarding her baby’s arrival via a surrogate.

Past celeb moms who have welcomed babies via surrogates include Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, and many others. While stars are no longer feeling it necessary to keep their babies born via surrogates under wraps, what is the real cost to average couples who choose to expand their family via surrogacy? And more important, is it economically feasible for ordinary people?

 Comedian Jimmy Fallon attends the opening night of "You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush
Comedian, Jimmy Fallon and his wife Tracy, welcomed their second child via surrogate in 2013.

With costs ranging upwards of $100,000 to hire a surrogate, it would appear this luxury is one exclusively reserved for a wealthy celebrity clientele. As a woman who struggled with infertility while trying to have my second child, I find this sad. The costs and emotional toll associated with our journey were shockingly high. I was spared the IVF route, thankfully, but if I would have had to dip into our savings I’m not sure my husband and I would’ve been able to do more than one cycle. (A single cycle off IVF can run as high as $15,000 if not covered by insurance). And while I don’t begrudge celebrities who use their wealth to expand their families, I do feel it is a misrepresentation to not at least be honest with the public about the real cost of what hiring a surrogate means to them financially.

Personally, hiring a surrogate would’ve been cost-prohibitive for my husband and I–and I’m sure to many average couples. While seeing pictures of proud celeb moms cradling their fuzzy newborns is heart-warming, perhaps I just wish that more of the celebrities who have chosen to take this route would be honest about how grueling the process can be.