Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Girl’s Name Revealed

In March, pregnant Kate Middleton accidentally let slip that she and Prince William might be expecting a little girl this summer. And now we might have found out what they plan to name her!

First, the necessary grain of salt: The news comes from OK! magazine, who cites an “insider” source. But with all that in mind, you still want to know, right? Rumor has it our favorite royals want to name their daughter Alexandra! “They love the name,” the source says. “Will’s has even tried it out when he talks to Kate’s baby bump.”

Previously outlets had guessed that Will and Kate would choose Diana (his late mother, of course) orElizabeth in tribute, which makes Alexandra a slightly unorthodox choice. Of course, it would have caused much more of a stir if they had chosen a less mainstream name.

According to Nameberry, this Greek moniker means “defending men.” Aside from that regal qualifier, it sounds like it carries just the kinds of associations the Royal Family want for their little princess: “Strong, tasteful, and elegant, Alexandra maintains a chic aura despite its popularity.” I wonder, however, if the princess would be allowed to go by one of the more unusual nicknames like Xan?

The insider source adds that “friends have caught Kate looking at photos of baby clothes for girls, and their nursery seems to be getting pinker by the day.” Now, if only someone could sneak a camera in to see if they decorate and put the baby’s name up on the wall…! We probably won’t get a confirmation on the baby’s sex or name until Kate give birth in July, but it’s certainly fun to speculate in the meantime.