A Photo Lesson from Kate Middleton

woman taking photo

Last week, the first official portraits of Princess Charlotte were released and while I don’t usually report on celebrity news, I have to make an exception here because I was so excited to find out that these photos of Princess Charlotte with her older brother Prince George were taken by none other than Princess Charlotte’s mother, the Duchess of Cambridge herself!

princess charlotte prince george

The reason Kate Middleton’s baby photos are exciting to me is because, as much as I believe in professional family photography (not to mention being a professional family photographer myself!) my first passion is encouraging and empowering parents to take their own photos of their kids. I love that the Duchess chose to share personal shots that she took herself when we all know she could have had her pick from the world’s best photographers.

royal babies
As a parent, the photos you take achieve something the best professional photos cannot. The photos you take yourself reveal your perspective, your interactions with your kids, your memories. The process can bring you great joy and satisfaction as an expression of your love for your kids, even if you are mostly shooting on your iPhone. And if you’re frustrated with your results, don’t give up!

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